Project / Facility Control, Software Systems


GMP Forte will change the world by eliminating inefficiencies experienced in every project which has ever been completed in the areas of performance against project schedule, procurement, finance, manufacturing, quality systems.


GMP Forte is built on a blockchain foundation with an audit trail for functions and actions carried out within the system. Security and absolute confidentiality are vital for our clients so we use decentralized apps built using blockchain.

Nobody in the market has ever successfully managed, on the project management side of things true live real-time data on project performance against agreed schedules linking schedules for each different scope of work clearly defining constraints and road blocks that need to be removed and when they need to be removed

There are a number of components which software provides to ensure successful front end loading of the project is completed on every project, through stepping all vendors, contractors and sub-contractors through inputting their timelines for project deliverables and deliveries using dApp access from their own offices.


GMP Forte provides a marketplace of approved vendors and suppliers which the client can pick and choose from according to fair pricing quality and lead-times (basically stock levels of pumps valves and equipment will be available for selection through seamless crypto currency/E-transactions) and on the facility management side of things to link to independent PLC's on processing equipment to a software package that can monitor performance, condition and status of equipment as well as provide an Audit trail for each and every function carried out before during and after each process step. Essentially this gives senior management a portal allowing them interface with live Realtime data.

We are currently developing, building and equipment scanning technology utilising micro drones to assist with BIM model updates and checking of constraints during the construction phase of the project.

VR technology is incorporated in the meeting room function of GMP Forte to allow teams walk through the 6D BIM model, investigate and resolve issues.